5 BEST Places to live in PASADENA - Comparing Pasadena's Top Neighborhood!

Kevin Kwan April 25, 2024
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Hey everybody, my name is Kevin Kwan with 5 Best Places to Live in Pasadena, and here are my top five places to live in Pasadena. I've been living in Pasadena for the past decade and my heart is filled with an abundance of history.

1. Old Town Pasadena

My number one choice is going to be Old Town Pasadena. The reason why I love Old Town Pasadena as my number one spot is because of the convenience factor. If you like urban living, this is probably going to be the best spot for you just because everything is walkable. I love the fact that you have Old Town Pasadena within steps from where you actually live. You have restaurants, shopping, nightlife - everything is right there within just a few blocks. It's pretty cool to know that these buildings were here over almost 100 years ago and it's now been re-transformed into what we call Old Town Pasadena. And on top of that, I think you have one of the most beautiful buildings in all of Southern California which is Pasadena City Hall. A couple of my favorite places to go if you're looking for dining options: number one always has to be Union, it's a great Italian Fusion restaurant with a celebrity chef. The other option that I really love is Bone Kettle; if you go there for their noodles, the broth there is just simply amazing. I think it takes almost a day for them to make.

2. World-Renowned Architecture - Oak Knoll

On my list is going to be Oak Knoll. This is an amazing area just because these are not just homes but these are more Estates. The average house in this area is probably roughly around 6,000 square feet and they run on Acres meaning you have a lot more land than you typically would in any other part of the city. The other really cool thing about this area is you have some world-renowned architects who build some incredible homes. You have some great architects like the Green and Green Brothers and Wallace Neff who have created some amazing architectural masterpieces in this neighborhood so it'd be pretty cool to own something that one of these world-renowned architects built. And one of the coolest things about this neighborhood is The Langham hotel which is surrounded by many of these Estates and if you're ever in the area don't forget to check out the Royce for nice beautiful fatty steak.

3. Flourishing Suburb In The City - Chapman Woods

Spot on the top five places to live in Pasadena is going to be Chapman Woods. The reason why I love Chapman Woods is because you're going to have some moderately sized homes so you don't have these huge monstrous Mansions but they're very good size anywhere between two to four four thousand square feet but on top of that you have a lot of properties that have very large Lots in this area and the other reason why I really love Chapman Woods is because you kind of get the best of both worlds on one side you have everything from American Cuisines and then on the other side within a quick few minutes drive you have some of the best Asian Foods around in the San Gabriel Valley. One of my top spots literally right across the street from Chapman Woods is a restaurant that's been there forever and they serve Amazing Thai food which is called presidential Thai the other thing that I love about Chapman Woods is the location because you're just within a short few minutes drive to many of the shopping centers where you can take care of all of your daily Necessities.

4. Neighborhood that Preserved Time - Bungalow Heaven

Number four on my list for top five places to live in Pasadena is going to be Bungalow heaven and this one's actually going to be a surprise because Craftsman Homes are one of my least favorite types of architecture it's really cool to see a community really preserve this period in time and Craftsman Homes have a lot of wood detail to their properties both inside and out it's pretty cool to be able to walk and drive through this community and see how well that the residents have preserved these homes.

5. Variety of Options for Architecture & Style - South of Royal

Last on my list coming in at number five is going to be south of Royal this is going to be the most West part of Pasadena and the reason why I love this pocket is because you are very close to Northeast Los Angeles to a lot of the new up and coming spots like Highland Park Eagle Rock and even venturing off over into another larger city which is Glendale California. The reason why I also love this spot in Pasadena is because they do have some larger properties here and Pasadena overall has always been a very more traditional type City but what we're slowly seeing is a lot more modern type architecture coming into this part of town I love to see the different variations in terms of architectural styles from homes that we've seen in the 20s 30s and 40s and now to new more modern type architecture which we typically don't see too much here in Pasadena and the other thing that I love about this part of town is that you have easy access to the 110 freeway which can get you down to Downtown LA quick and easy.

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