6 Things You Should NOT DO in Los Angeles, California! 🚨 (Locals' Secret 🤫)

Kevin Kwan May 31, 2024
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Hi, it's Kevin with Realiv, and welcome to my blog! We upload content like this every week. As a top-producing real estate team in the Los Angeles area, we're here to help if you're thinking about moving to Los Angeles. Feel free to reach out to me and my team. Now, let's dive into the top six things you should avoid doing in Los Angeles!

1. Cutting Down Oak Trees

Los Angeles is home to beautiful, mature oak trees, some of which have been around for hundreds of years. It's illegal to cut these trees down unless they're sick or need maintenance. Most cities in LA have ordinances protecting these trees, and violations can result in hefty fines. Even trimming oak trees is regulated, so always check with local authorities before taking any action.

2. Wasting Water

California has been experiencing a significant drought, leading to strict water usage restrictions in many cities. Some cities limit watering to specific days and impose higher fees if you exceed certain usage limits. Be mindful of these restrictions to avoid penalties and help conserve this precious resource. Always check with your local city for the latest water usage guidelines.

3. Ignoring Parking Rules

Parking in Los Angeles can be tricky due to numerous restrictions. Always read the parking signs carefully to avoid tickets. Street sweeping days, permit-only zones, and pay-to-park areas are common. Parking tickets in LA are not cheap, so make sure you know where and when you can park to avoid fines.

4. Relying on Taxis and Public Transportation

Los Angeles is a sprawling city, and public transportation may not always get you where you need to go. Taxis are also hard to find in many areas. Owning a car is often necessary to get around efficiently. While ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are options, they can be costly and not always the most time-effective. Plan your transportation needs accordingly if you move to LA.

5. Doing the California Roll

The "California Roll" refers to rolling through a stop sign without making a complete stop. In Los Angeles, police are particularly vigilant about this traffic violation. Always make a full stop at stop signs—look left, right, then left again before proceeding. Avoiding this common mistake will help you steer clear of tickets and ensure safer driving.

6. Building an ADU Without Checking Regulations

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) have become popular in California, but don't assume you can easily rent them out or list them on Airbnb. Each city has specific regulations regarding ADUs, including whether you can rent them out and under what conditions. Before building an ADU, check local city codes to ensure compliance and avoid potential issues that could prevent you from renting out the unit.

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