Cracking the Code: How to Price Your Home Right in Pasadena

Kevin Kwan May 7, 2024
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Selling your Pasadena home? Setting the asking price is a crucial step. It's like your home's first impression to potential buyers, and you want to make a good one!

The Price is Right (for Pasadena):

  1. Beyond Your Neighborhood: While checking recently sold homes nearby is helpful, it's not the whole picture. Pasadena buyers often compare homes across neighborhoods, considering factors like age, style, and location.

  2. Think Like a Buyer: Imagine your own home search. You likely looked beyond your immediate area to find the perfect fit. Pasadena buyers do the same, comparing your home to new developments, charming bungalows, or suburban retreats.

  3. Competition is Key: You're not just competing with your next-door neighbor, but with similar homes across Pasadena. This means focusing on features like number of bedrooms, overall living space, and amenities.

Pricing Strategies: Not All Paths Lead to Sold

  1. Overpriced Paradise?: Resist the urge to inflate your home's value. Overpriced homes often linger on the market, raising red flags for other agents and buyers. This can lead to a lower selling price and wasted time.

  2. Slightly Steep? About 3 out of 4 homes are slightly overpriced, leading to longer market times. This might be due to emotional attachment or room for negotiation, but it can cost you in the end.

  3. Hitting the Pasadena Bullseye: Savvy sellers research the market and price competitively. These homes typically sell quickly and close to the asking price.

  4. Selling Spree?: Some sellers prioritize a fast sale, pricing below market value. This strategy can attract multiple offers, but ensure your agent has your best interests at heart.

Ready to Unlock Your Pasadena Home's Value?

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