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What You Need to Know About The Neighborhoods in South Pasadena

Realiv June 28, 2022
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South Pasadena is popularly known as the ‘city of trees’ for a good reason. The city is filled with abundant greenery, and its residents take pride in their lovely gardens and tree-lined streets. It’s no wonder that many people flock to this suburb of Los Angeles for its small-town feel and a strong sense of community.
The median home price in South Pasadena is $1,622,740, and the median rent is $2,180, making it one of the more expensive places to live in.
If you’re looking for a neighborhood with it all, South Pasadena may be just what you are searching for. With an award-winning school district and proximity to downtown Los Angeles, South Pasadena checks all the boxes.
Here is an overview of the neighborhoods in this charming town so that you can determine which one is right for you and your family.

Monterey Road



Olga Neighborhood in South Pasadena is one of the most desirable places in Southern California. Olga Neighborhood sits at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, just a few miles from downtown Los Angeles.
Olga Community Park is located within Olga. Olga’s workforce has more executives, managers, and professionals (74.6 %) than the other 98.1 percent of American neighborhoods combined. As a result, this area stands out as particularly distinctive.
Olga has a mix of houses, apartments, and condominiums. The median home value in Olga is $1,243,327 while the median rent price in Olga is $2,777, which is lower than 43.8% of the California neighborhoods.
The racial makeup of Olga is 17.5% Mexican, 9.9% German, 7.3% Irish, and 3.5% British residents. Olga is an excellent option if you are looking for a quality place to live in Southern California.

Huntington Drive

Huntington Drive is a significant street in South Pasadena, California. The road runs north-south through the city and is lined with a mix of residential and commercial properties. The area surrounding Huntington Drive is home to a diverse population, with people from many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
Real estate prices in the area are relatively high due to the desirable location and abundance of amenities. Many residents are employed in professional occupations, and the area is known for its excellent schools. A significant number of Spanish speakers are in the area. The diversity of the community is appealing.

Raymond Hill

Raymond Hill is a neighborhood in South Pasadena, California. It is bordered by the Arroyo Seco Parkway to the south, E Del Mar Boulevard to the north, and Fair Oaks Avenue to the west. The neighborhood is home to a diverse population, with significant Hispanic and Latino people.
The annual median household income is $137,637. The median home value is $1,216,400. The level of education in Raymond Hill is excellent. McKinley School and Blair High School.
About 1,000 people in Raymond Hill have obtained a high school diploma, 9.52% of the population have earned a college certificate, 15.88% have obtained a college certificate, and 31.49% have at least a bachelor’s degree (3,319 individuals).
In Raymond Hill, the working population comprises 96.45 percent people with white-collar jobs and 3.55 percent with blue-collar jobs. In addition, 1,351 people in Raymond Hill are self-employed, accounting for 21.71% of the workforce.
There are 3,468 people employed by private companies, which accounts for 55.72 percent, and 620 people employed by government organizations (9.96%).
The neighborhood is home to various businesses, including restaurants, shops, and services. Diversity is one of the defining characteristics of Raymond Hill. Residents speak various languages, including Spanish, English, and Chinese.

Crime and Safety in South Pasadena

The South Pasadena Police Department is highly effective, and violence is rare. In addition, the city has several safety initiatives in place, such as neighborhood watch programs and security cameras. However, no city is entirely free of crime, and South Pasadena is no exception.
Recently, a few high-profile crimes have been committed, including a home invasion and a shooting. However, these incidents are isolated and do not reflect the city’s safety. South Pasadena is a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it – a little bit about each neighborhood in South Pasadena. If you’re considering moving to the area or are just curious about what differentiates them, we hope this article has been helpful.
And if you need more information on any of these neighborhoods or South Pasadena, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to provide you with the resources you need to make an informed decision about your move.
Whether looking for a family-friendly community with excellent schools or a more diverse and cosmopolitan area, South Pasadena has a perfect neighborhood. So what are you waiting for? Come check out this vibrant and historic city today!

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